“If you wanna be somebody….if you wanna go somewhere…..”

5 Mar

So I’m guessing people from my generation could finish this sentence, put a melody to it and name the movie it comes from (SPOILER: Sister Act II: Back in the Habit). Excellent film. Taught us the theme to Love Boat, it was “Glee” before “Glee”.  But putting aside the corny lesson learned of paying attention in class, there is a message that rings true as related to career development. If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention. But pay attention to what?

Pay attention to who you know. You know more people than you think. And those people know people, who know people, who know people. Pay attention to the next person who speaks to you at a meeting, pay attention to the guy next to you on the bus every day, pay attention to your friends’ husband who just mentioned the major merger his company is undertaking.

Pay attention to the current job market. Even if you have a job it’s important to take notice of the trends that are happening around you. Even the slightest tilt in the market can have an effect on your work partnerships or prospects. There are tons of online resources that can help you stay current, but my personal favorite is O*Net – www.onetonline.org.

Pay attention to your interests and hobbies. There are certain elements in our free time that can translate to our work space. Pay attention to what those could be off duty and try to take a little fun into work. For example: I love volunteering for local charities. Translate to work: Talk to your HR department and see if you can organize a work group to volunteer at a local charity. Taking – some – personal interests into work can enrich your day to day activities.

Pay attention to professional development opportunities.  Most companies offer professional development or career advancement opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills. It’s beneficial for the employee to seek out these opportunities and take advantage of them. If your company doesn’t offer a professional development program or reimbursement for classes? Talk to your HR department about starting one.


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