What do our paths mean?

8 Mar

If you’ve gotten an email, brochure, event program, handout or newsletter through the Badger Career Network, you recognize what the career services team calls the “Paths Look”. But what do those paths represent? We would like to think that they represent where you are going, where you’ve been, where you’re going to a new city, going back home, starting a new job, changing careers, beginning your retirement, or any other transition that you may have started, completed, or thought about. So lots of things.

The wonderful characteristic of our path is that it can and does meet your own unique requirement and needs. For every industry, and every point of time in your life and career and life, it means something different for everyone. It represents the vastness of what “career services” is. Professionals in this field can’t define what that means for you as professionals, only help you along to find that out for yourself. It may be paved, dirt, cobblestone, it could look like the traditional ladder career path, or the newer concept of a “path” with u-turns, dips, road blocks, or drop offs.

How do you define your path?


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