New Year, New Opportunities

7 Jan

With each New Year come resolutions — both from job seekers and job providers. As recruiters return from vacations and the holidays, recruiting in most industries spike. According to a recent article, “the big months for hiring are January and February, and late September and October … job seekers who make contact at the start of these cycles have the best chance of being hired.” (View the full article here:

This means you’ve got a great opportunity to kick-start your job search at the beginning of 2013. But first, you need to:

  1. Evaluate your current situation: Are you fulfilled in your career? Might there be other jobs out there that could complement your lifestyle better?
  2. Start talking to others: What are your counterparts doing? What trends are you seeing that you can take advantage of? Building your network can elicit more opportunities.
  3. Search. Research. Search: When was the last time you conducted a job search? A lot may have changed since then. Doing research online and searching for available jobs will heighten your awareness and educate you on your options.
  4. Update your resume: This step is for everyone. If it’s been more than three months since you’ve updated your resume, 2013 is the year to do it! Going through the updating exercise in and of itself can clue you in on your current situation and what you need to do to take that next step The more you learn about yourself the better positioned you’ll be to advance.

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