Job Postings on Twitter

1 Mar

Recently, I presented at the Careers Conference in Madison on the effectiveness of using social media to recruit employees. As I was updating my research for the conference, I started wondering how long the life of a tweet is. Once out there, how long does it last in the Twitter-verse to be an effective way to recruit? And how does Twitter compare with other social media and online recruiting sources?

I stumbled upon the following article that argues a tweet has a 48-hour lifespan — meaning that within that time frame, almost 93% of any activity will occur.

If we use this theory when speaking with recruiters, the actual time you should spend on any given job posting through Twitter is two days. Push it and on to the next. This also is a cautionary tale about social media — if you don’t refresh your content at least every other day your relevancy and user activity will start decreasing.

Using this new information, I’ve started building my recommendations for recruiting on Twitter:

  1. Build a foundation. Without interesting content, you won’t have followers to see your job postings. So focus on developing creative and forward-thinking content to get people intrigued with your company. Once that happens, you can lure them to apply.
  2. Since you only have two days with any given job posting, come up with an interesting headline to increase retweets. The more conversation it builds the longer the tweet-life lasts.
  3. Don’t solely rely on Twitter. Job posting boards on LinkedIn and even Facebook have a longer shelf life than a tweet. Supplement the longer-timed postings with tweets linked back to your company’s career page.

Some star recruiting Twitter handles include:





Happy tweeting!


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